Due to courier issues we have currently suspended national delivery. Apologies for any disappointment!

How are we keeping covid safe?

Since March 2020 (yes it has been that long!) we have been delivering our beers by hand, with the help of our van, to your doorstep in a ‘covid-safe’ way. But what does that mean?

The term ‘covid-safe’ wasn’t even a thing 12 months ago, but now we see it thrown about all over the place...twice already here.

Luckily, we fall under ‘food and drink production’ which means we are classed as an essential service, allowing us to carry on producing our beers while many other businesses are closing their doors or working remotely. 

Obviously, the brewing process is already clean and clinical, but since March we have taken extra steps to ensure we are making every stage as safe as possible. We are deep cleaning the brewing area on a regular basis (regardless if we brew or not) and we have sanitising stations dotted throughout the building.

When the beer is back with us from the bottling guys (bottling by hand just isn’t feasible anymore with the quantity we need) we have as little contact with the bottles as possible, only splitting cases when needed for making mixed packs or 6 bottle cases. PPE style gloves are used when doing this as an extra precaution.

On delivery days, the van door handles, steering wheel and all other touch points get a thorough blast with anti-bac spray. 

Face masks are strapped on before each time we step out of the van and disposed of each day and hands are sanitised every time we return to the vehicle.

Wherever possible we are placing beers on the doorstep, before knocking and standing back - ‘safe’ places to leave beers are always welcome too.

As of the 10th of January, all of our team are partaking in bi-weekly ‘symptomless’ Covid tests to ensure we are not unknowingly carrying the virus.

Hopefully this gives some insight into how our brewery is keeping things clean and safe. 

Once again, we want to thank all of our customers for their continued support - we literally wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for your orders! 

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We offer both local and national delivery via DHL. This is a new system, so please bare with us while we get to grips with it!

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