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An eco-focussed approach

Doing our bit for the planet, our customers & our industry.

We are striving to become as close to zero-waste as possible, honing our processes and ensuring everything we do has sustainability and a greener world in mind.

We use energy efficient pumps, lights & heating methods throughout the brewery, we even have solar panels on the roof for good measure. These currently provide about 20% of the power needed, with more planned to be installed in the near future.

Hot water from the heat exchange, is circulated back into the system, drastically reducing the time and energy required each brew. At the end of each brew, the boiling hot beer is passed through a 'plate heat exhanger', in which the hot beer is run in pipes alongside cold, running water. 

This in turn cools the beer and heats the water, allowing the beer to enter the fermenters at a safe temperature, and the heated water pump back into the HLT ready for the next mash!

The waste mash from each brew is collected by local farmers to be used as animal feed! Don’t worry, there’s no drunk animals...

Furthermore, the spent hops from each brew are collected and used as fertiliser by local gardeners and allotment owners to grow more hops for special local brews, including the 'Green Hop' special in September, in which freshly picked, 'green' hops are thrown straight into the boiler, creating incredible, hoppy bitter notes!

At the other end of the process, our pump clips are printed onto reclaimed wood (a UK first!) and we use biodegradable labels on our kegs and bottles.
Where possible, we only buy ingredients in recyclable packaging. 


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