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Our Brewery

Our head brewer, Daryl, learnt the brewing trade in the Blue Mountains of Australia, bringing back a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm after an eventful year of travelling down under.

Producing some rather successful test batches in the garage, with overwhelmingly positive reviews from unbiased (maybe a little biased) friends and family, the dream of creating our very our brewery seemed the obvious next step.
As with any great idea, plans were made over a few beers and we dived head first into the world of brewing, setting up shop in our little unit in West Hythe, Kent.

Things started small, a tiny 100 litre system produced our initial batches, barely enough to fill 2 casks a time! We outgrew this almost overnight, setting about building a bigger, more refined system a few months down the line.

Our brewing process has always been very hands on, with manually controlled pumps and valves - not a computer in sight!

Fast forward to 2020 and we are finishing the final details on our new, shiny brew house - a 1000 litre behemoth, with just a few automated features to help with consistency and keep things running smoothly. 

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